File structure

Within this theme you’ll find the following directories and files, grouping common resources and providing both compiled and minified distribution files, as well as raw source files.

Page Templates

pages is where all HTML pages are stored. Use any of these to start building your website. Everything is exactly as see in the live preview. Each page is named after its xPider so it can be easy for you to find the one you need. You can open it directly in your browser or your favorite editor to modify its contents.


scss contains all of raw source files that are used to create the final CSS that is included in the theme. The Sass is structured in four main folders:


Contains all the css/scss plugins that we have used in this theme.


Contains xPider variable, mixins and functions.


The Framework Components CSS files include basic styling for the base elements in xPider.


The Theme Component SCSS files override some aspects of the Framework Component files to provide the distinct look and feel of xPider.


It contains theme colors that we have used with our color switcher.


js contains two js files:


contains all the custom plugins and additional scripts included in xPider.


We have combined and compress all the plugins into one file to load the site faster. If you need the source plugins of this template you can download from the link below- JS PLUGIN SOURCE


img contains all images used in this theme, backgrounds, icons, patterns and more.


Fonts contains all the thirt party fonts that used in xPider.


Icons contains FontAwesome and xPider icon fonts.